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Private Personal Yoga/Strength and Conditioning training

55 minutes: $70

 55 minutes Private yoga, focusing on your goals of building flexibility, strength or general well being, finishing off all private classes with gentle stretching and Thai body work. 

10 private session packages available (discount pricing on packages)

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Small Group training (2-4)

55 minutes: $125

Sometimes working out with friends is much more productive, and affordable. 

2 - 4 friends at a time with similar goals.  


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Personal Training Session

30/55 minutes: $40/$70

Choice either 30 or 55 minutes one on one Training Session 

Sessions are targeted to your needs

 10 session Packages available 

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Health and Nutrition Coaching

60 minutes: $750
90 minutes: $950

This program is tailor made for you! 6 bi weekly sessions over 3 months,  focusing on your goals, wether it be weight loss, strength, flexibility, culinary meal prepping, nutrition education and so much more for your and your family.  Includes hands out recipes. Option 2: This is a great add on with your personal training sessions to your health coaching session. Its the complete package. 

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Learn to Read Food Labels

60 minutes: $25

No all food is what it seems. Learn to deconstruct food labeling ans become a nutritional detective.  This class in great for the whole family.


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Cooking Classes

3 hours minutes: $60

Custom cooking class:

Smoothie classes

Veggie burger classes 

3 course meal; Grab 4 of your friend and join me in a culinary evening appetizer, main, side and a dessert. learn to cook together and then eat together after cooking. Recipes and ingredients included.

My kitchen or your kitchen 

There is a $5 surcharge per person to travel to you. 

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Stretching/Flexibility Yoga also known as gravity yoga

60 minutes: $70

Assisted stretching, or some people call it lazy mans yoga. poses are held between 2-5 minutes. 

Let me guide and teach you though different stretches to help gain and keep mobility and flexibility. 

Modification as needed


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Wellness Recommendation Store

This is where you will find my favorite wellness and fitness products. Search here for extra discounts along with tips and wellness support. 
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