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Rosalind (Roz) was born and raised in England, where there is no NON GMO’s & limited food coloring and preservatives. Roz grew up eating home cooked meals, and never drinking sodas. After coming to the USA in 1998, Roz noticed a huge difference in the foods that were put on the plates here, compared to back in England. This sparked Roz’s growing interest in holistic nutrition, wellness and the power of food we put in our bodies. Roz started practicing Yoga in 2004 and completed her teacher training at the Prana Lab yoga and Wellness studio in Weston Florida in 2014. Moving to the Treasure Coast in July 2019 after her daughter Maddison graduated high school and continued her studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa. 

Roz also completed her certification in Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell. Also became a Health and Nutrition Coach, Certified by The Institute of Integrated Nutrition IIN, and then received a certification with ISSA in both Performance Nutrition and Personal Training. Roz is driven by her passion for healing the body with food (primarly Plant Based Nutition), movement, and an anti inflammatory lifestyle to be exact. Roz is also a member of AADP American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Roz’s mission is to empower everyone to follow an anti-inflammatory lifestyle (inflammation breeds disease) pay it forward gain the power and the knowledge to take control of your health today, before disease strikes. It really is that easy. Roz finds balance in her life with family time, yoga, long distance cycling Roz completed the across Florida ride 170 mile road ride in 10 hours, and cooking. Roz traveled to Thailand this past October to continue her studies in Vedic Thai body work,  also attending and completing "Pure Energy" along with Thai Favorites, Pizza and bread culinary courses at  Blue Lotus Vegan culinary school.

You can find her on instagram: eat_well_live_well_now_roz & facebook: eat well live well now with Roz

Roz is available for Vedic Thai Body work, Private Yoga Sessions, Nutritional Counseling, Personal Training, Healthy Grocery Tour, and Cooking Class, In house chef at our annual Redhead Retreat in Edwards Colorado.




Personal Trainer ISSA

Performance Nutrition ISSA

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Certification

Endurance Nutrition for Athlete

Plant Based Nutrition Certification

Working toward my Vedic Thai body certification


Roz Vietri “The Renaissance Woman”


The correlation between disease and diet is greater than you think. “Given a chance the body can heal itself”.