17 Day Detox


Do you suffer from fatigue, bloating, headaches, brain fog, excess weight, joint pain, itchy skin, sweet cravings, or sleeplessness? You may be able to eliminate all of these symptoms through a healthy Detox.

Join me Rosalind Vietri, a holistic health and nutrition coach, RYT for a 1 hour informative workshop 17-Day Detox Program and discover how to rid your body of toxins, boost your immune function, increase energy and focus, and lose that belly fat once and for all! Plus, you’ll learn how to Detox safely and receive worksheets and sample recipes. 

The 17 Day Detox week incorporates a 7 day preparation, cleaning out your cupboards and becoming mindful of how your body is feeling. This program includes yoga, along with a detox meal plan, journal, supplement recommendations, recipes and handouts. A Facebook page to connect with fellow students, ask questions, & gain support. 

Sign up for this live Detox workshop today and feel better by next week!

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